In 2017, Hubble Creative established a robust aerial surveying department. We utilize drones and drone technologies to capture highly accurate surveys of construction sites. This method reduces traditional “boots on the ground” survey times by more than 50% while maintaining, and even surpassing, the accuracy.


We utilize the newest technology that combines drone imaging, GPS RTK data, photogrammetry processing, and ground control GPS capture to create the most accurate survey of your site. 

  • Advanced filtering – filter out vegetation, equipment, and structures.

  • Coordinate alignment – align with a local or published grid. 

  • Fast processing – as fast as 24-48 hours from survey time.

  • Measurements – with centimeter level precision.

  • Reduce costs – cheaper than “boots-on-the-ground” method.

  • Compare to design – surface comparisons and structure alignments

CAD linework overlay lets you see key alignment areas on your site. 

Surface comparisons allow you to compare engineered surface to existing real-world surface. 

High-resolution image export lets you see your jobsite with a high level of detail. 

With easy access to your files, you and your project team can stay on the same page. 

Measure stockpile volumes to ensure you have enough material to get the job done. 

Elevation cross sections allow you to check elevations and grades. Ensuring construction accuracy. 

Plan ahead and compare your site to engineered surface so you can determine material import/export. 

With many more measuring tools like elevation history, grade check, surface area, point coordinates, and more, you’ll be able to stay on top of your operation and ensure accurate construction.